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Ribbons of Highway:  A Mother-Child Journey Across America

by Lori Hein


     From William Least Heat Moon, author of the American travel classics Blue Highways, PrairyErth and River-Horse:  “My library of American travel books will one day be housed in the University of Missouri Ellis Library – Special Collections.  Now, yours included. You write a good sentence... Cheers – HeatMoon”



After September 11, a globetrotting writer and her two children set out to explore their country.  Rolling down 12,000 miles of back roads and byways and through the hearts of hundreds of hometowns, they discovered America’s majesty and humanity. As they traveled, they also explored the love that ties them to one another. A fresh twist on the classic American road trip everyone dreams of taking, Ribbons of Highway celebrates freedom, family and the wonder of adventure. Settle in for a few hours of enriching armchair travel, or use Ribbons to plan your own journey.



208 pages, ISBN 1-59113-453-6.  Get free shipping when you order through the Buy Now button above, or visit,  or Barnes&

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    A Top Ten Read:

“...No trains, no ships, just a reliable minivan captained by a loving mother determined to ensure that her children discover America’s heart and each other...Much more than a travelogue... a captivating story... I highly recommend sharing Ribbons of Highway with those you love.” – Lynda Lukow, 



 “A wonderfully textured and beautifully written book about not only America as we really should know it, but a discovery of yourself… It’s really a testament not only to this country, but also to family.” Jordan Rich, WBZ NewsRadio 1030, Boston


“(Hein’s) exquisite details create majestic pictures.” Catherine Stollak, Taunton Daily Gazette (MA)


 “The book is so beautifully written that the tapestry that is America comes together…The story is such a positive one that every visit to every place brings more richness.”Brian Hoffman, WBZ NewsRadio 1030, Boston

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